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Stymie "Condescening World" 12"


Stymie "Condescending World" 12"

Let’s be honest: The world’s an awful place that wants nothing more than to make you feel bad about yourself. And just short of having the doctor say “Welcome to Hell” upon your birth, there’s not much you can do to prepare yourself for the wave of bullshit, uncertainty, and garbage that befalls us all. But still, sometimes good things try to warn you. One of those things is An Introduction to the Condescending World by the Texas punk band Stymie. Recorded nearly 10-years ago, Condescending World has the world weariness of someone being told “No” for far too long, being told “you can’t” for too long, and being told to “fuck off” for too long.

At a time when pop punk continues to get weaker, bogged down by phony immaturity and even phonier relationship woes, Stymie holds true to the ideals the band was formed on: Stupidity is inherit in us all, and to indulge in that stupidity is to be human. It’s 14 tracks of pure, blistering pop punk without the extras that make the world so unpleasant, i.e. phoniness, pretentiousness, etc. This is the real deal.

Those tired of wading through pop punk clones, rejoice! After 10 years, your Introduction to the Condescending World is here. Listen to it, study it, live it. This invaluable artifact of pop punk perfection is essential to life in the condescending world. Something you didn’t know you needed is now yours for the taking. -Matt Schimkowitz
Rabid Dog Records #13